Download a single file containing all full-size (high resolution) maps (124Mb) contains this complete website (HTML pages + images).
Extract all the files to a single folder on your hard disk
(download one of the ZIPfile extractors in Option 2 below, if you don’t already have one — you probably do!).
Then you can launch this website locally on your computer (browse to index.html).

Click on the thumbnail maps to access full-resolution images quickly.
(Ignore the ZIP links – you already have the maps.)

for Historical Maps of North Haven Island and Environs, Maine

Option 1: Click on thumbnail maps to view, in a separate browser window, a large, finely-detailed JPEG image.
Hover your mouse over the map, and
click the zoomIn magnification symbol to enlarge the map to full resolution at the clicked position (then use the browser’s sliders to move around);
click zoomOut to scale the map down to “fit” entirely within your screen (restore the original, low resolution view).

Some browsers (Firefox in particular, also Google Chrome) have difficulty displaying several of these images (although Internet Explorer works well).
It’s best to download the maps, either singly (Option 2) or the whole site (above top),
and then use an image viewer (much more flexible and much faster than a browser; Irfanview is a great choice).

Option 2: Click on ZIP links to download the image, delivered to your hard disk in the ZIP file format.
UnZIP with WinRAR, WinZip, UnZip, or any unzip utility (freeware for Windows: FreeZip, 7Zip + ports for Mac and Linux, IZArc, PeaZip + Linux).
You can then view the maps in a more flexible external image viewer (preferably at native resolution), and access them permanently.
Irfanview is a superb, freeware graphics file viewer for Windows (only, unfortunately — or with assistance from Wine).
In Irfanview, hit the letter “F” to toggle between native (Full) resolution and a view which fits the entire map on your screen.

Either way, these files may take time to download.

Comments, criticisms, and suggestions are welcome.

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