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0t-fdisk, partition magic, wind98se and xp and fat32 and new hard drive

Dear Jordan
Patricia suggested writing to you as the maven or expert in this area.  My new pc came much faster from Dell than I expected.  It came with a 160gb drive which is the smallest that Dell will now sell and four times what I will need.  It also has 4 gigs of ram.  I would like to dual boot with win98se for the dos kernel for xywrite and wp5.1.  Otherwise I will be in xp for windows applications(very rarely) and surfing the net (very frequently).
My pc comes with free dos as the operating system and a cd for freedos.  I already own licensed copies of xppro and win98se.  I also own partition magic 8.0 (still in sealed box).
I expect that I would partition my physical drive into about 6-8 logical drives of about 20 gbs each unless you suggest to the contrary and to format in fat32 since space is not an issue.
I would like to put win98se on my c drive and xp on the d drive and all my dos applications and data on e and f  unless you suggest to the contrary.  If I do nothing I would prefer that xp be the default operating system if on bootup I do not make a conscious choice as to the operating system.  Does this make sense.
How in this case do I go about partitioning.  Do I start with partition magic or fdisk and if fdisk do I get it off either of the win98se cd or the xp cd or is it on the freedos cd.
In what order do I install win98se and xp.
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