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Re: Unicomp Keyboard with left function keys


I am an Avant Stellar user, too. The Unicomp product is actually a
minicomputer keyboard. The key diagram shows IBM System/34, etc., key


How do the keys pan out when connected to a PC? I mean, the left
function keys and the second row of the upper function keys. How about
the Windows key, there isn't one, am I correct?

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Kari Eveli
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5.12.2016, 20:26, Lisa Kleinholz (Redacted sender lkleinholz for DMARC)
A while ago someone on the list posted that Unicomp was making a keyboard with function keys on the left. I just ordered one, and it's terrific. Replaces a dying Avant Stellar keyboard. Here's a link http://www.pckeyboard.com/page/product/40L5A This list continues to make my working life much easier! Thanks so much to all. Lisa Kleinholz