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XyWrite Word Macros

Hello, everyone.

I've revised my word2xy and xy2word MSWord macros to support foreign
language characters. I've also fixed the handling of Bold Italic text.

My thanks to Manuel Castelao, who pointed out to me that the xy2word and
word2xy Word macros that I had written did not support higher ASCII
characters, such as foreign language characters.

Now the macros support the following characters:
	umlaut, circumflex, grave, and acute on the vowels
	tilde on the n
	superscript o and a
	the pounds (L), yen (Y), and cents (c) symbols
	inverted ? and !
	the paragraph and the section symbols
	bullet and mid-dot
	AE and ae ligature
	Angstrom symbols (upper and lowercase "a" with a circle over)

Since I don't have WWW space, you can email me if you want this update,
and I'll be glad to send it to you. If you encounter any other problems
or things you want added, let me know and I'll see what can be done.