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Re: A radical idea: a new XyWrite

The two things that are lacking in VDP (vDosPlus) are:

1. An ability to break the 64k limit on many things, particularly programs.
2. An undo. (Carl and/or Robert wrote one, but it didn't seem robust to me.)

In addition, there are some things that would be nice to have, but aren't really necessary.

Looking for an easier path, brings me to XyWin. Wasn't XyWin almost usable? If so, would it be possible to hire someone to fix it enough to make it usable?


Reply to note from Kari Eveli Sun, 22 Apr 2018
16:41:16 +0300


> Luring current NB users into the Xy U2 realm is difficult and
> maybe a waste of time. I don't think it will happen.

Totally agree. Robert and I promoted U2 to NB users fairly aggressively
back in the day -- bent over backwards to make it compatible with NB's
quirky implementation of v4 XPL -- to little effect. Now, XPL is terra
incognita to all but a handful of long-time users. Most seem to be
barely aware of the command interface, a consequence, in part, of NB's
having fatuously renamed the command line to the "action line" several
versions ago, implying, perhaps rightly, that the mere mention of
"command" sends shivers up the spine of the typical NB user. In any
case, Harry has already reached out several times to NB, to no avail.
> Developing software is costly in time and effort. I would think
> that $3,000 is not enough to earn consideration as a serious buyer
> of those services.


> So far, this seems like a non-starter.


Carl Distefano