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Re: Using XyWrite file in Word and saving as text document

Carl Distefano wrote:
OK, let's run a test. DECODE the following frame, re-ENCODE it and
send it back to me. Let's see if it comes back without errors.

Very good idea, and I can tell you it got mucked up. Because after I
decoded and re-encoded, I ran the Xy file compare on it, and can say
that where your version had


<0{>}[BX_]es 1[Q2_]

(or at least that's what Tbird gave me; there's a CR/LF character--not
[cr|lf]--between the lines)

The decoded and re-encoded version reads:

<0{>}[BX_]es 1[Q2_]

That is, either Tbird stuck in an extra CR/LF in sending from you to
me, or one got stripped in the decode/encode operation.

In addition the version I got from you had two instances of
at the end, the decode/encode one, only one.

It LOOKS as if Tbird is not correctly transmitting ends of lines, no?

I would LOVE to switch e-mail clients, but I cannot find one that is
simple plain text. Well, Hacksaw is, but every time I try to study the
docs and figure out how to configure and use it, all Hades breaks
loose, and I find myself with a half-dozen other jobs on my plate.
Patricia M. Godfrey
b-gin [UNTITLED]
{{;5test-install*}} Check whether Installation was successfu
l; report current version# RJH 11/19/00 [Rev.CLD 11/8/03,RJH{032}
4/6/06][cr|lf]{002};*; TEST-INSTALL/NV = U2 Ver# in S/G50, Re
vDate in S/G51 out; no PRompt)[cr|lf]{<}SV50,119|20060915{>};
*; XyWWWeb installed Ver#|RevDate[cr|lf];*;[cr|lf]{<}SX51,{<}
<0{>}[BX_]es 1[Q2_]{<}SV01,  {>}{<}SV02, {>}{<}SV03,[255+065
IS01{>}+"m"+{<}IS01{>}+"e"+{<}IS01{>}+" t"+{<}IS01{>}+"o"+{<}
IS01{>}+" "+{<}IS01{>}+{<}IS03{>}+"X"+{<}IS01{>}+"y"+{<}IS01{
}+"b"+{<}IS04{>}+{<}IS01{>}+" v"+{<}IS01{>}+{<}IS50{>}{>}{<}S
me to "+{<}IS03{>}+"XyWWWeb"+{<}IS04{>}+" v"+{<}IS50{>}+{<}IS
,04,07,05{>}{<}SX06,{<}IS03{>}+" "+{<}IS04{>}+{<}IS05{>}{>}{<