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Re: Resizing windows

Reply to note from "Paul Breeze" 
(Redacted sender "paul.breeze" for DMARC) Fri, 11 Nov 2016 18:05:18


> Is there a command to resize the current window that I can issue
> from the command line without specifying the window number? The
> command I know is:
> window 1,0,0,80,25
> Where the first digit in the window number and the next four
> specify the corner co-ordinates. I would like to be able to do
> this without specifying the window number.

In short, no. You really ought to be able to command WINDOW ,0,0,80,25
to resize the current window, but you can't. This is easy enough to
work around with XPL, though. Here's frame WINDOW (DEC
decodes; same is also attached):

b-gin [UNTITLED]
{123}{123}5window{125}{125} Resize the current window {091}CLD
window {<}PV51{>},{<}PV50{>}[Q2_]{<}EX{>}{<}EI{>}{<}PRWINDOW l

PS to the list: If I'm scarce around here over the weekend it's because
I'm away -- so don't picture me swinging from a noose or anything
(though I confess I've entertained the image several times in the last
few days).

Carl Distefano

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