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Re: Re[2]: VA|01

** Reply to message from "B. Gillessen"  on Tue, 12 Nov
2002 10:09:24 +0100

> But after debugging portable.int again I have to admit that the
> error message is *not* caused by VA|01 but by -"\">...
> What is that about?

"Contains". The "-" that you're seeing is Ascii 240. There are two XPL
containment schemes, the first new in Xy4 (and possibly not found in Signature
-- when you mention "SPL", that was Signature's name for XPL, perhaps a tipoff
to the lineage of EuroScript code), the second in existence since Xy3:

{240}"\"> means "if S/G 05 contains $tring "\"..." This expression
simply evaluates TRUE or FALSE

>-1> means "if $tring "\" is contained anywhere within S/G
05..." or, literally, "if position of $tring "\" within S/G 05 is greater than
-1". So, for example, if S/G 05 = "and\or", the position of "\" within
"and\or" = 3 (N.B. leftmost position=0, not 1), and therefore the expression
evaluates TRUE

The second of these expressions can be used to precisely pinpoint the position
of the first occurrence of a sub$tring within another $tring. You can also
frame it to inquire whether CONTAIN or NOT CONTAIN, whereas the first
expression can only be used to make a CONTAIN inquiry. See thousands of
examples in U2.

Robert Holmgren