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Re: AC 809 Scam and Inappropriate Messages to the List

Thomas J Hawley wrote:

> ** Reply to message from Richard Giering  on
> Sun, 04 Feb 2001 17:34:22 -0500
> [Off-Topic Sunday]
> The basic premise of the "warning" is correct; someone from my office got
> caught by this one a few years ago.

> There are other venues for this kind of information; it does not belong on the
> Xy list even if up to date and accurate (which this particular posting was not.)
> And finally: If you feel that you really must share some message that you've
> received with this list, at least take the time to edit out the accumulated
> message headers and html before doing so.

Fine. So Dick's basic premise is right. So it's still going on. I didn't get the
message headers. (I'm using Netscape's e-mail.) I am grateful for the warning. Thank
you, Dick.

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