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Re: re Northgate keyboards

** Reply to note from Robert Kubie  on Fri, 05
Jan 2001 21:43:54 -0600

> I am afraid that was me, and they have stopped selling or servicing
> Northgate Keyboards.

But the Avant Stellar is an improved (it ought to be, at $189) clone
of the Northgate OmniKey. They bought the mold, everything. I've
gradually accumulated six of them, over about 3 years. They're really
solid, longterm performers, nice software program, keystroke macros,
the works. No complaints here, no failures; in this shop, people
fight for them (and for those nifty seeing-eye mice). There's
resistance rather than squish when you depress, and a nice tactility;
you know you hit the key. Totally programmable, F-keys where the Lord
intended them to be (on the left, and on top too if you enjoy lifting
your hand and stretching waaay up north). I figure, input and output,
the keyboard and the monitor -- I'll splurge for them.


or phone Mary Novakowski at [USA] 888-770-0500 x105

Robert Holmgren