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Re: XYwrite on OS/2

" slower in terms of the one function I really care
about--switching back " and forth between XyWrite, my dialer and
my modem. DesqView is proving to " be instantaneous.
" " I *do* see how Os/2 will superior for many users. But not
for me; I don't " need multi-tasking, I need a fast task
" " And I think I'm too old to get used to icons!
   What Icons?
   I never use the mouse in OS/2.
   In Warp it's [Enter] up is the launch bar and then the
   first letter of the program. X D M. Xy, Dial, Mode
   In OS/2 2.1 (the one that came with Windows) it's
   Ctrl-ESC X D M
   OR Alt (by itself), t for the List, then X D M
   OR in Warp Version 3, it can be Alt, then X D M as you can
   add lots of options to the end of the pull down.
   See Tyson's book Your OS/2 Consultant.

   And I use Desqview when I'm lazy or don't want to wait
   for OS/2 to load and set up.
   By the way, have you run scripts on DV? They can load
   all the Programs, and then swap until they get to
   X or D or M