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Re: New XyWrite release

On Fri, 3 Nov 1995 kbf@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> While this new product has much interesting new functionality,
there seems to be > several tradeoffs that I am not sure will be
pleasing to everyone, and so I am > going to mention them here
to see what kind of reaction I get.
> > First, it appears that the load time for the product is
materially longer than > current XyWin. While it is not too
noticeable on newer, faster machines, it > could be annoying if
you load and unload the product a lot. Performance once > the
product is loaded is as good if not better than current XyWin.
> > Second, and predictably, the disk footprint is larger. I
would not be surprised > if a full install took 15-18 MB.

What is the difference in the loading time? How does it compare
to other GUI word processors? Seems to me that they all take a
long time to load.

The footprint doesn't bother me. Seems to me that everyone is
going to larger footprints nowadays. That's why we have to get
compression programs and multi-Gig drives.

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