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Re: Re Trouble

** Reply to message from Patricia M Godfrey  on Thu, 6 Nov
2003 15:28:40 -0500

> To sum up, to print from Xy you need a printer
> 1) that has a parallel port

The HP LJ 1000 is an up-to-date, dirt cheap, 600x600 DPI optical USB-only
printer that has a software driver which supports PCL 5e "in a Windows DOS
shell" (quote the manual). I printed from a (non-Xy database) DOS app to it
just a few months ago, and I think also that Paul has one running with

> ($4 at a yard sale)

People usually don't realize that you can get old printers so cheap, but I've
done it too, at garage sales -- there's at least one printer and one computer
at every sale: an LJ IIIp for $10, a regular LJ III for $20 (both real
workhorses too, big heavy clunkers, with toner and cables and manuals), and an
LJ 4M for about $70 or $80. They're so cheap, you want to buy them even though
you don't need them.

Just not _too_ old. Apropos of nothing, I had an LJ repaired recently at a big
Manhattan HP service center, and the technician said that, in his opinion, the
HP II (!) was the last really good laser printer, inside *and* out (I had all
sorts of paper feed troubles with my old LJ II, plus the rubber pinch rollers
got dry and dessicated quickly -- something to check in a sale item. But it
was well built. A mere $1700 back in 1988 or so. But hey, you got 4
pages/minute -- or maybe a hair less in the real world, like 2ppm... And so
what if it kept running out of memory...)

Robert Holmgren