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Re: WSA and WCA

Dear Carl

I have tried "SETCFG USE F: F:\" but it tells me:

Not a config option - USE F: F:\

Any ideas?



On 17/02/2017 18:03, Carl Distefano wrote:

My quest, as before, is to be able to save to and retrieve from a USB
drive that is not recognized by XY4 because it was not there when
VDosPlus was launched.

Ah. Now I understand. Yes, there is an easy solution. Just command
where "d" is the letter of the newly-added drive. You can then use
normal commands like DIR, CA, SA, etc.

I'm still going to overhaul the commands for CAlling, SAving, etc. long
filenames to create a single suite of commands that works under either
vDosPlus or CMD.EXE. I expect to post an update to U2 over the weekend.