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Re: Conflicts between XyDOS and Win 95??


>My Win95 crashes an average of once a day,
>with WordPerfect 8 the most frequent culprit.

Might WordPerfect be to blame? (I don't know; I've never used version 8--I
do have version 7 but almost never use it.)

Or are you perhaps using Symantec ("Norton") somethingorother or some other
daemon that purportedly monitors your system for potential disasters and
thereby prevents actual ones? I've found some of these to be rather a
pain; aside from CleanSweep, I avoid the lot, and I also avoid problems.

>XyWin does not crash often, and XYDOS 4 practically never.

No argument with that.

>DOS programs crash less frequently than Windows programs,
>and Win3 programs less frequently than Win95 programs.

I find that Win95/98/NT Eudora Pro and Netscape (version 3 or 4) and MSIE
(version 3) crash often, but that they crash most gracefully (bringing down
nothing with them and corrupting no data). A little "dialogue box" [and
there's a monstrous euphemism] tells me that the program has crashed: I
immediately start it up again. As for the other Win32 programs that I use,
they're stable. And contrary to journalistic cliche, they're even
sufficiently fast and compact not to annoy me, accustomed though I am to
XyWrite, TSE and the like.

Incidentally, most of the time I'm using bog standard,
earliest-commercial-edition Win95US, with no "service packs", etc.

Of course, if you *want* to see Win95 crashing spectacularly, it's easily
done. I can get a series of Blue Screens Of Death that necessitate a cold
boot simply by physically removing the LAN PCMCIA card from my laptop
without troubling first to remove it logically via Control Panel.

Peter Evans