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Re: A radical idea: a new XyWrite

The latter.


On 19/04/2018 18:39, Philip White wrote:
Whats wrong? Are they simply unresponsive to the needs of their
customers, or is they consider this to be just a request from an
esoteric few?

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The problem with 32 bit Nota Bene is that is does not support XPL
routines. The last 16 bit version, NB9, is the best for that, though
not perfect. Use of the command line is a bit dodgy too, in my
experience. However from what I understand, 32 bit NB would be capable
of backwards compatibility, with some modification. As I noted in my
post for Harry, I believe such a stripped back version exists already
within NB.

I have in the past tried to persuade NB to release this, or something
similar to us but time (at NB to devote to the project) has always
seemed the stumbling block. Personally I would be happy with a stripped
down version of NB that is capable of running all the XPL routines we
like. However that would require the acquiescence of NB and I am not
sure if the company would be cooperative. If it does not have
resources, would it be interested in letting us create a working version
to our liking? We can only ask.

Best wishes


On 19/04/2018 17:11, Philip White wrote:
If Nota Bene does everything you need on a modern OS platform and has
all the editing capabilities that XyWrite did/does, why do we need to
reinvent the wheel?

If there is some issue that Nota Bene has missed the boat on, lets
remedy that or port XyWrite out of the past into the present. What does

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Harry, I don't know if you have forgotten or are just choosing to ignore
the discussions you and I had with Steve at NB a couple of years ago on
just this subject.


That was on my mind, but I didn't refer to it directly. And I didn't
recall that Steve said that they had a version of NB 10 that was what we
wanted. I'm going back to re-read that exchange now.