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Re: The Face of the Future (SmartWords)

>> http://www.tgrp.com/smartwor.htm
David Auerbach wrote:
>They must think it is a very superior product, which will sell itself, if
>they are willing to risk exposing that prose to the buying public. Even
>where it is English, it is mud. I hope that is just a preliminary sketch
>while they finish the web page and hire a writer.

You said it! I was shocked to find not only grammatical errors but also a
typo (numbe for number). These words ain't so smart. Was *that page*
produced by the html facility of "SmartWords"??!!

Plus, the writing is horribly organized, filled with meaningless buzz-words,
and just boring.

Ken: hire a copywriter immediately. Preferably, someone who doesn't know
squat about computers.


Harry Binswanger