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Re: Using XyWrite with XP OS

Harry wrote:
≪The colors change drastically between the Windows box and full-screen≫
First of all, that's the case, AFAIK, with all versions of Windows. In full screen, you're using your hardware; in windowed mode, you're using M$S Virtual Dos Machine, even in versions that have real DOS underlying Windows (i.e., 9x). If you type Table Colors Helpkey in Windowed mode, you'll see something different from what you see if you do it in full-screen mode. And some of the colors will flash in full screen. If you're using any of those colors in your color settings, they'll flash too. (Too bad one cannot take a screen shot, so as to easily see which colors are reasonably close in both modes.)
Furthermore, the same colors can look different on different hardware.
When I started tinkering with my color schemes, I found that a set that
looked fine on one machine was almost illegible on another.
And still furthermore, hardware definitely has an effect on how big
"full screen" actually is, even under 9x. I ran tests on all my
installations, and here's what I found:
Compaq laptop, Cirrus Logic 7543 PCI VGA adaptor (that's what Control
Panel IDs it as; the boot screen says Opti Viper vers 56.64), 800 X
600, running Win 95 C (win.com dated 8/24/1996): though the screen is
only about 10 inches in diameter, "full screen" has almost an inch of
black around it on all sides. (This setup has the out-of-box color
scheme, and did not display flashing when I switched to full screen. All
the others at least changed color.)
IBM Thinkpad 760XL, P166 MMX, Trident 9685/9680/9682/9385/9382/9385-PCI,
1 Mb, 800 X 600, running Win 98 SE. Colors change, but none flash; full
screen is the whole screen.
Compaq DeskPro, P 166 MMX, Matrox MGA Millennium on AcerView 34V CRT
monitor; full screen occupies whole of screen.
AP 53 Mobo system (AMD K5 100 CPU), Trident 9660/9680 PCI VGA adaptor,
HP Ergo Ultra VGA monitor (CRT) 800 X 600, running Win 95 C (Win.com
8/24/1996); full screen is about .5-inch smaller than actual display,
all around.
PCChips Mobo, AMD Duron, 1.1 MHz, integrated SiS 630/730 VGA, 16 Mb, on
AcerView 34T CRT monitor, 800 X 600, running win 98 SE; full screen is
almost full, with only about .5 in of black on right side of screen.
ASRock Mobo, AMD Sempron desktop, NVidia GeForce 2MX 100/200, on
SnycMaster 153T (i.e., an LCD) monitor, 1024 X 768, running Win 98 SE;
full screen occupies the whole screen.

Short form: when it comes to screens, hardware matters.

Patricia M. Godfrey