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Re: Regarding pickfile.pgm

Please send me the favorites file you prepared and I'll check it out. I
assume you modified the pickfile.pgm to call it from the directory in which
the favorites was stored and each file name was complete with path.
Dick Giering

"Yo Intl." wrote:

> Question to Richard Giering:
> I tried "pickfile.pgm". It looked so promising, exactly what I had wanted.
> I modified it to point to a file of my choice, and I made a "favourites"
> file in the format:
> 3
> 1 file 1
> 2 file 2
> according to your instructions. Alas, the program starts, and then
> immediately excuses itself again with an error message. What am I missing?
> Tia
> -- Rene von Rentzell, Tokyo 
> -- "Whenever people agree with me, I always feel I must be wrong." (Oscar Wilde)