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On 9/30/2013 10:41 PM, Avrom Fischer wrote:
I have been using XyWrite for many years and I am now seriously considering buying Nota Bene and would appreciate comments, suggestions, warnings,etc. 
I have no need for the scholarly features of Nota Bene, but I do like the fact that it is compatible with Windows.  I am concerned whether Nota Bene has the speed and capacity that XyWrite has under Windows XP, especially on files that are half of a  meg or more.  I understand all the formatting commands embedded in the documents are the same so that I can have access to all my old files and that I can continue to convert my files through Word for Word into Wordperfect 5.1 for printing.
Avrom Fischer
I am not computer literate like most of the people on the Userlist.  I am concerned that I am not sufficiently computer literate to handle the screen problems that many people have, particularly after they stop using xp..  Till now I have been using Windows XP but I am concerned that when I get my next computer I will not +be able to get drivers that are compatible with xp.
After 20 years of Xywrite, switching feels comparable to driving a new car.
Avrom Fischer
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I had no difficulty using NB with a 32-bit W7 machine, but I've been using Nota Bene for some time nonetheless simply as a word processor, though I also like to format my files so as to make good-looking .pdfs., and this is very easy in NB.  I prefer Xy for all kinds of reasons, but found the hassle of things like making .pdfs out of Xy files, the klutzy mess that that is virtual XP on W7, &c., more than I want to cope with.  Some features, like the tables commands, are more stable in NB, though converting Xy files to NB can be both time-consuming & boring, & if you're like me you'll probably find yourself maintaining two sets of files, NB & Xy.  You'll find NB very like XY.  Most of the commands--tho' not all--are the same, and you'll probably want to work in command-line mode for the most part, which is still available just as in Xy.  The big command changes are that OF completely replaces LM, and TW replaces RM.  The menu approach to Tables is much easier to use.

I was interested in Robert's way of converting NB to Xy, but since it didn't solve what for me was the biggest deficit with Windows-based Xy or NB--the lack of fully scaleable fonts--I decided to go with NB.  Incidentally, the folks at NB are very helpful, and very civil.

The new NB 10, they say, works with XP as well as 32- & 64-bit W7, & it handles NB 9 files just fine, tho' it's not finished yet.  Myself, I'm still using NB 9 with XP, having reached a stage in life where I'm bored stiff with the need to be learning new computer routines.  NB 9, tho', won't work with 64-bit W7.

Frank Brownlow