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Re[2]: VA|01

Thanks to both of you. I have now found out that VA|01 is documented
in my SPL manuals, but the sign which appears on my screen as a
vertical line differs from the one used in the printed manual.
Therefore, I did not find it. (However, your explanations were much
more illuminating than the description in my manuals is ...)

But after debugging portable.int again I have to admit that the
error message is *not* caused by VA|01 but by -"\">. May I
(mis-) use you once again as my private tutor? What is that about?
It is not a Relational Operator nor is it String Within String. But
what then? If it is a Logical Operator why is it used in combination
with an IF statement? Does it really work with XY4?

Confused again,

B. Gillessen
who erroneously thought that he would have an rough understanding of
how most of the SPL commands work ...