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RE: R: xy windows [again]

I'm not incorrect-- 01=2 places characters where they will look good and
makes no attempt to preserve line endings. The other 2 settings, 0 & 1
maintain line endings so justification, if it is turned on, will work. Try
it (you have to refresh the document after changing each setting) and you'll


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P. S. I think Kenneth Frank is incorrect, and that VAriable O1 has
nothing to do with JUstifying the right margin of the display. Unless he
is perhaps talking about Xy5 and not XyWin; not having seen Xy5, I
can't comment. But I fail to see how inter-character spacing is
going to affect the right margin; in XyWin and Xy4DOS, O1 merely alters
the appearance of the line itself.

Robert Holmgren