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My thanks to our gurus

This is a special thanks to Robert and Carl. Previously, I posted here
about recurring problems I was having with a very long XPL program I had
written. I don't know if I mentioned this, but each time one or another
problem would appear, it would cost me two or three hours of work, usually
postponing bedtime.
Without looking at my actual code, Carl and Robert made suggestions that
have totally eliminated what I had thought to be ineliminable memory
limitations. E.g., I now check that a variable is non-null before using it
in a parse (XS), and I have reduced the program's total number of
variables by re-using the same s/g's wherever possible.
Nary a crash, after running it every other day for over a month. Is there a
public square in Billerica? I guess that's where the statue of you should go.

Harry Binswanger