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Re: Unicomp Keyboard with left function keys


The one I have is a PS/2 model which they customized, per my own diagram, which included swapping capslock and ctrl.  However, I've since been advised that they can't do the same for the USB version, which is apparently the only one being offered now.

A few months back, Wengier wrote a script for swapping caps lock and ctrl keys.   But perhaps this kind of scripting would work for the other misplaced keys as well?

From: Kari Eveli
To: xywrite@xxxxxxxx
Sent: Tuesday, December 6, 2016 9:31 AM
Subject: Re: Unicomp Keyboard with left function keys


It seems that the Windows key as well as ESC and some other keys are
located on the topmost upper row and not in their modern location as
this is a variant of an IBM minicomputer keyboard. I am not sure if this
is the best place for those ergonomically. Is there a complete keyboard
diagram? The firm does seem to make customized keyboards. My first
thought would be to put ESC and the other essential keys on the first
upper row, and maybe exchange Ctrl and CapsLock positions like in Avant.
Many things can be done in software, but some not, like the general layout.

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6.12.2016, 15:07, John Paines (Redacted sender vf200 for DMARC) wrote:
> Kari,
> I made the original recommendation some months back, so if I'll try to
> answer this one....  There are two versions of that particular model,
> one represented by the diagram you linked to, the other a standard PC
> version with working function keys, a Windows key, etc.
> http://www.pckeyboard.com/page/category/PC122
> Note the model on the right.