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RE: XPL & directories???


If you wish to get the name only of a file under the cursor, could you
not define from the start of the line and search for a space, line left,
F1, and there it is, ready to go into a save-get.

Marc O'Connor

>From: 	Myron Gochnauer[SMTP:GOCH@xxxxxxxx]
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>Sent: 	Sunday, 14 December 1997 03:15
>To: 	xywrite@xxxxxxxx
>Subject: 	XPL & directories???
>I'm trying to write a small XPL program which will allow me
>to choose a file from an open directory and pass the filename
>only, without an extension, to a DOS program run from the
>command line.
>I'm having difficulty figuring out how to extract only the filename
>from the line under the cursor. I thought DW might work, but it
>seems to define the entire line into the S/G. My attempts with
>XS have not been successful either, although I have used XS for
>other purposes. (Can you save a space --- ASCI 32 --- into a
>S/G with something like ≪SV401, ≫ ?? If so, will XS 'stop'
>at the first instance of a space?)
>Can anyone point me to a routine in some of the available XPL code
>which I can copy/mimic/modify?