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XyW & www: reviews & tips (was Converting XyW III+ file to HTML)

A third of what's wrong with Netscape is the absence of a manager for
that damned cache subdir of cryptically-renamed files from every site
visited lately. If an efficient cache subdir manager exists that lets you
move, code-strip, or delete each cache .htm doc and the cluster of files
associated with most, I haven't found it. Cache Master dups NS cache
files, defeating its purpose, and requires loading SHARE, which my
disk-cache hates; Indexer development was scrapped after Navigator 1. NS
cache's FAT.DB must be a hard case. While awaiting twpfkaxy's html
utilities I'm lobbying the author of my fave previewing html editor (more
on that anon) to add NS cache management options.

Meanwhile, alternative to wiping out the cache wholesale, I've written a
v3 xpl utility, !NSTRASH, that uses a xyWrite listing of the subdir to
build an html crude data base file that lets me view what's there with an
html editor. Doesn't integrate images as NS itself does, but when loaded
into an editor displays them in a table under a link to the sponsoring
..htm file so I can mark the code for later action with xyW--if necessary,
after jumping to the sponsoring file to scan it and returning to my db
doc. If you use xyW 3.5+ and want a copy of !NSTRASH or want to port it
to v4, email me and I'll send it to you. (About 4k, annotated under 5.8k.
!NSTRASH creates NSTRASH.DB, an ascii file that entitles each Netscape
cache subdir file cluster. You can stop there or let !NSTRASH convert
NSTRASH.DB to NSTRASH.HTM, which you can load into an html editor or
browser to review what's in each NS cache file cluster. You can stop
there or let !NSTRASH break NSTRASH.HTM into a discrete .HTM file for
each cache file cluster. nb: To strip eofs from .htm files, !NSTRASH
invokes the strip.exe that's among xyWrite files on the UPenn server; ftp
the utility or revise !NSTRASH to strip eofs your way.) ...

Another third of what's wrong with Netscape is winsock. To load Navigator
without logging on you can always use the MOZOCK kludge, but I prefer an
alternative LogInNot.CMD:
	output "at&C0"\13
	output \27
	if ! [exec "c:\w3\ns\netscape.exe"]
		display "Netscape already loaded or not found"\n
Better yet are two Windows previewing html shareware editors. Of course
there's no such thing as a genuine universal previewer, so within
reasonable l limits any editor that can render html code is as good as
one that calls a browser for a preview. DidaPro and WWWrite use the same
..GIF/.JPG-display .DLL--frees them entirely from TCP/IP--and either fits
on a 1.4 floppy. For www authoring, write code with xyWrite, taskswitch
to one of them to view and tweak. If changes will be major, taskswitch
back to xyW, revise, return to editor, reload file. Dress rehearsal: Load
Navigator with LogInNot.CMD. DidaPro and WWWrite do tables, forms, and
other extensions as well as html 2, browse your system, and toggle
between full-screen code and rendered view. WWWrite also lets you split
the screen vertically or horizontally between code and image where you
drag 'n' drop the border. DidaPro's viewer uses a Helvetica clone, you
can choose the WWWrite font. WWWrite (us$50), a bit slicker (e.g., offers
floating palettes) and less stable than rock solid DidaPro (us$20),
occasionally issues a GPF msg in French, the author's native tongue;
DidaPro's admirably responsive author is in Australia. The best html
editor deal I know is Dida freeware--DidaPro less forms viewing/coding

	Dida freeware/DidaPro info (any of these sites):

	WSKA WWWrite demo (expires): http://www.wska.com

Also, the few xylist subscribers who use GeoWorks Ensemble may be unaware
of FuzzyLogic's neat authoring tool, 2Web, around $20. ...

When I'm ready to surf I shut down Windows, load dos commware, dial up my
shell acct, and invoke sleek lynx. How a site works in lynx is my test of
whether it merits NS attention. I add those that do to my lynx bookmark
file and download the file to use with NS. The other third of what's
wrong with NS is inept web authoring, which lynx--itself way ahead of the
pack on extension recognition--exposes mercilessly. ...

≪ Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has written a program to modify XyWrite
III+ document to HTML. All I really need is for it convert end of para
characters to 

and the bold and italics formatting to their HTML equivalents. If it helps, I using Version 3.57 of Xywrite for DOS. ≫ --Gilbert Yap Hi, Gilbert. All you're asking for is a few ci commands (below "<-" = newline, "{" "}" = chevrons): BC ci <-

<- XC BC ci {mdbo} XC BC ci {mdbr} XC .... and if you've used both bf and ital you must go through and convert the {mdnm}s manually: BC cv {mdnm} XC or BC cv {mdnm} XC Then, to remove any other embedded commands, do a BC ci {WW } XC Also you must adhere to www structure. The only required tags are ... but you should include basic structural tags so the doc looks like: will be set in frame ... doc ... .... Ciao. --a ============================= adpFisher nyc