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Re: Dumb XY3+ question

Leslie Bialler:
>Rene, you forgot the concluding XC: thus
>48=BC,d,i,r, ,*,.,b,a,k,xc

No, I didn't want the XC there. I want it like that, and am quite
nimble with the F9 key.
Once again, it seems that one particular key in one particular table
seems to be on strike. Oh well, I can live with that.

>. . . watch in amazement as the U.S. military pounds empty buildings,
>from which weapons have long been removed, into rubble and manages to
>kill a few innocent civilians in the process.

Well, better than bombing Congress, which of course was the real
mission here.

--Rene von Rentzell, Tokyo 
--"I did not inhale." "These allegations are false." "My statements
--were legally accurate". "It depends on the meaning of 'is'".
--"Earlier today I ordered a military strike".