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Re: U2 and Vdos (was . . . .)


... what does this line actually do? What are we missing if we don't use it? After all, it is only a slight inconvenience to have it in, at present.
See http://users.datarealm.com/xywwweb/ReadMe1st.pdf, esp. discussion under "Step 3". What XyWebU2.int initializes is mainly command stacking/archiving and automatic SAving. You can test to see if these features are active by commanding as follows: STACKBOX Displays current command stack (if stacking is enabled), along with various options UH Displays contents of command archive disk file (STACKALL.SAV, located in Editor's directory) A Reports whether AutoSAve is ON or OFF. A ON turns AutoSAve on, A OFF turns it off. A ? reports the number of automatic SAves performed since AutoSAve was last initialized. If any of these features are missing from your setup and you want them, they can be implemented manually. Let me know. Also, XYWWWEB.INF has more information about these commands. -- Carl Distefano cld@xxxxxxxx