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Re: v3-4 dual use gotcha

> I don't get this; I've had 1A set to 0 from time immemorial (well, a long
> time anyway). What is supposed to be the problem?

My system has always been 1A=0 also. I remember two specific problems with
1A=1. I would often find that files imported from outside or else edited
earlier with 1A=0 suddenly acquired a tail of Document Information (the IO=1
stuff) as a constituent part of the document. More serious, if the current
file had been written on top of older erased data, that old erased stuff
would often appear, as if appended and become part of the document, from EOF
up to the sector boundary. When that alien data was binary -- watch out! 
XyWrite went bananas more than once. At best it was bewildering, and spawned
a brief General Failure terror that the hard disk had gone south.

Robert Holmgren