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OT: Help with a Nokia display

After asking at every possible place (forums related to video/display
area, providers, resellers and so on...) I forward my question here,
only for the sake of an improbable chance of getting an answer. In the
end, life is full of coincidences.
I have now a second-hand Nokia Multipgrah 446Xpro. Nokia abandoned the
display business several years ago and its last equipment is now
supported by Viewsonic. Unfortunately, this monitor is not included on
that list and I have been searching for:
-- The Manual and original software for this monitor (I have downloaded
updated generic drivers for Nokia displays from Viewsonic).
-- The original cable.
No hope with the first item (I suppose). Even more with the second one but I can receive your wise advice. Standard VGA cables produce "ghosts" with this display. Even apparently good cables are not completely satisfactory. The perfect image is only achieved when I use the Eizo cable connected to another display. So, maybe someone can suggest a provider or a manufacturer of good video cables.
Thanks in advance and excuse the completely off-topic question.
Manuel Castelao