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Re: F5--and everything went black...

Robert Holmgren wrote:

** Reply to message from "Patricia M. Godfrey"
 on Sun, 24 Jun 2007 16:42:43 -0400
If I try to launch Xy from a bat file (even renamed it .cmd), it flashes briefly on the screen, and closes again.
You're doing something wrong. What does the BATfile say?

Robert Holmgren

Well, originally, it did have a lot of erroneous stuff in it, having
been copied from a 9x system (e.g., path=c:\windows\command, which doesn't exist in NT/W@K/XP). But I kept paring down and remming out, and was finally left with this:
cd h:\xy4

And yes, I recall you told me that the login command (H:) and the Cd
H: one can be combined, but I didn't have my posts over there at the time to look it up.
HOW, please, do you determine which DVM will launch a DOS app? I
cannot even find commad.com on that XP box.
Patricia M. Godfrey