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Re: New XyWrite release

** Reply to note from kbf@xxxxxxxx 11/06/95 09:35am

> First, it appears that the load time for the product is
materially longer than > current XyWin. While it is not too
noticeable on newer, faster machines, it > could be annoying if
you load and unload the product a lot. Performance once > the
product is loaded is as good if not better than current XyWin.
> I don't worry about load time anymore for anything. I just
start my OS/2 office  machine each morning, mouse click on half
a dozen icons (PostRoad mailer, Web  Explorer, PIM, Xy4,
Describe, FileStar/2, etc.) and start work. With a multi-tasking
 OS load time is largely irrelevant since you never have to
unload. Now that we  are all switching to the newer OSs and
Win95 is such a big hit I can't see this  being a problem for
anyone . Perhaps the Win95 & NT users could comment.

> Second, and predictably, the disk footprint is larger. I would
not be surprised > if a full install took 15-18 MB.
> > Thoughts?
> > K.

Also, not a problem for me, although I do use a compression
program (ZipStream)  on my OS/2 laptop because of limited disk
space. 15-18 is not large, but it would  be good to have the
option of a cut-down install.


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