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Re: Year 2000 Problem

Reply to note from Harry Binswanger  Tue, 31 Mar
1998 12:42:19 -0500 (EST)

I heartily agree with reverting to 1900 -- eminently practical.
Besides, the 20th century is badly in need of a do-over.

Now, looking ahead, what happens after the year 1999 (new style)?
Does it kick over to 2100 (on the theory that Y2K will have been
licked by then), shift smoothly to 2000 ("don't ask, don't tell"),
or revert again to 1900 ("if it ain't broke...")?

Leave it to our children's children to worry about, you say? Not so
fast! With genetic engineering and re-growable body parts on the
horizon, it's going to be *our* problem! Must we doom ourselves to
repeat history? I answer with a resounding "No!" The time to start
worrying about this is NOW!

Carl Distefano