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  In message 1713, 5-70-90 (USING 2 PRINTERS), you said you put default hn=#1
and hn=#2 in the printer files so as to have a visual clue as to which one was
loaded.  I am still ignorant of many aspects of XPL and have these naive

1. Did you mean give you a visual clue in a file you are working on?

2. When I enter  va $hn  on the CM I get the number 31 no matter what
   number I have in the printer file.  Am I going about this the wrong

3. Is the A/B switch you speak of as attaching the 2 printers to the
   computer a mechanical switch, or is it the XPL switching program
   (that perhaps changes ports)?

4. This has nothing to do with your letter, but perhaps you wouldn't
   mind responding.  It is again a naive question.  I wrote a program
   which in the beginning ought to sense whether a file named ALL is
   in the default directory.  It should then allow you to abort if it
   is, or create it and proceed if it isn't.

   I think the command EXIST ALL in a program should return the error
   status "true" if ALL does not exist.  But I don't know what to do
   with it.  I thought that some form of <>>> should work, but
   it doesn't seem to.  Besides, I have to get two alternative actions
   out of it, such as  gla and glb.

   I'm stuck.  This is one of the concept places I have to come to
   understand if I'm to get anywhere with XPL.  Any suggestions?