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 Thanks very much for your responses. I haven't downloaded SYSX.TUT yet but
will soon. I have an odd problem with your message 2240 in answer to my "2
PRINTERS" one. It's a problem I have had with other messages, too. I'm using
PROCOM. I logged your 2240 using its "log file" provision. The problem is
that the last part of the message is missing. It stops abruptly with "via a
mechanical a-b."  Presumably it went on to comment on my question 4.

Now that I think of it, it must have stopped with "a-b" on the screen too,
since I never saw a message about an attachment.

During the next couple of evenings I'll try to find out whether this is my
problem or whether the message didn't all get sent. I assume you write such
things on XyWrite, convert them to ASCII, and upload them as mail. Well, wait
a minute. The file I logged has no hard returns within paragraphs. It logged
as a XyWrite file. So the EXCHANGE will accept very long lines?