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Re: Using XyWrite file in Word and saving as text document

Carl Distefano wrote:

So, though there still appears to be a mismatch between the original
source e-mail and what Tbird displays on your screen, the e-mail
source itself seems to be preserved intact -- somewhere. Can you
find it, and CAll it in XyWrite, bypassing Tbird altogether (at
least for DECODEing purposes)?
Yes. Normally, I hit Ctrl-U in Tbird, which gives me the underlying text of the e-mail (or is supposed to), then copy everything from Message ID or DATe (whichever comes first, which varies depending on the e-mail client with which the post was composed) to the sig to the Windows Clipboard, then paste (with Clip) that into my Xy file of the month's posts. This time I dug up your original post (from Trash) and saved it as a text file. I then called that in Xy and File Compared the XpLnCoded portion with that part of the original (copied and pasted). Sure enough: the extraneous extra line wasn't in the saved file. The two instances of [cr|lf][cr|lf] at the end were in both.
So obviously, Tbird's Ctrl-U routine (which doesn't seem to be
accessible through the menus) plays fast and loose with ends of lines.
So I have to Save and merge any posts containing XplNcoding from now
on. Let's hope I can remember that--at least until I can find a better
e-mail client.

Thanks for helping figure this out. I should never have thought of that.

Patricia M. Godfrey