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Re: PDF printing from the command-line again

Reply to note from "John Paines"  (Redacted
sender "vf200" for DMARC) Sat, 11 Feb 2017 13:27:09 +0000 (UTC)


> my system also hanged (right word?) after performing the ty
> command, when in full-screen vdos mode. However, with the vdos
> window minimized, so that Windows prompts can be seen, you'll be
> able to give pdfprinter permission to run, forever. After that,
> printing from a full screen vdos screen proceeds as expected.

That may have been part of the problem, but it wasn't the whole story. In
my config.txt, I had LPT1="PDFtoPrinter.exe" #LPT1.PDF *and*
TEMPDIR=G:\TEMP. PDFtoPrinter was not finding #LPT1.PDF in G:\TEMP. So I
hard-coded the path with LPT1="PDFtoPrinter.exe" G:\TEMP\#LPT1.PDF, and
now everything is hunky-dory: TY prints to the default Windows printer.

Side note: Even though G:\TEMP is my Windows TEMP dir (pointed to by
environment variable %TEMP%), neither of the following two config.txt
statements worked:
LPT1="PDFtoPrinter.exe" %TEMP%\#LPT1.PDF
LPT1="PDFtoPrinter.exe" %%TEMP%%\#LPT1.PDF
Only hard-coding the path location did the trick.

Note to Edward M.: The TEMPDIR wrinkle may be worth noting on the
instruction page for PDFtoPrinter.

Carl Distefano