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Re: Xy conflicts with NB

At 08:00 PM 1/6/00 EST, you wrote:
>Harry -
>I haven't gotten NB yet, so this is a shot in the dark:
>Are NB and XY sharing a settings.dfl file?

Hi, Tim. No they each have their own.
>It's curious that NB for Win would mung up the network printing of Xy for

Isn't it? And windows pgms (e.g., Word) can print when Xy4DOS can't.

> I remember having to have our IS folks do something special so I could
>print Xy to a network printer, but that was eons ago. Maybe NB is wiping out
>the "something special."

The thing I do is map the printer to LPT3.

You know, I can just hear Robert saying "Work it out yourself, you lazy
S.O.B.! Which is what I'm willing to do if no one else happens to know the

Harry Binswanger