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Re: Partitioning (was: Re: OT: Web runs slow after RAM upgrade)

At 12/31/2003 03:31 PM -0500, Michael Norman wrote:
what should be on C:\ besides the \Windows directory (er, folder) and subdirectories; some basic files in the C:\ (root) directory. It's the path statement (in all versions of Win) that links the programs on D:--Z: with the Opsys on C:, yes?
A badly framed question. If you partition a new machine out of the box, a
machine that has no pre-loaded programs -- other than the OS, the machine
"help" programs (i.e. IBM Access or Gateway whatever), then (after a bit of
housekeeping like deleting MSN shortcuts and so on) that original C: drive
should be set. After that you could follow the suggestions posted here --
programs on G:, data on H: and so on. If, however, you have a 5-year-old
machine that's never been partitioned, is there some checklist you can
generate before you partition to make sure you have your _system_ only on
the C: drive?
The answer to the second question -- path -- is in windows environment
variables, which I'm checking.

Michael Norman