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Re: RC and RD (again: still better KBD assignment)

** Reply to note from xywrite@xxxxxxxx Sun, 20 Dec 1998 19:02:59 EST

Carl Distefano points out to me that func DD acts, in Xy4-DOS, in somewhat
the same manner as the XyWin UA=1 default, namely, to close a DeFine block
if one is begun but not ended, and then delete it -- or otherwise, if no DF
block exists, to delete the character under the cursor (=func RC). But DD
diverges from XyWin's UA=1 in this important respect: in XyWin, if you
DeFine a block, then move your cursor, the DF state is immediately
released; which raises the question, how are you supposed to CoPy the DF
block to another location? Or MoVe it? Are you supposed to delete it in
one spot, then undelete it in another? Copy it to the Clipboard, then
Paste it? What a tortured procedure! Yikes. I must be missing
something here... maybe somebody could fill me in, because it seems
lunatic. The only thing you can say for it on the plus side, is that
if you start typing immediately upon ending the DF block, the block is
replaced by your new typed text.

Anyway, I really don't like Xy4-DOS's DD behavior; I've inadvertently
deleted an off-screen DF block one too many times in the last day. It
seems more logical to me to ete the DF block if the cursor rests
within it; otherwise to retain the block, and just ete the character
under the cursor. This  key assignment (revised once again) does it:

83=XHJM,2,.,P,r,s,K,b,d,A,r,g,Q2,x,m, ,[,I,F,[,V,A,$,I,N,],>,0,],CO,D,D,[,E,X,],[,E,I,],CO,R,C,NO

Robert Holmgren