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Re: puzzling win 98 SE event

Hi Bruce

Bruce Felknor wrote:
I could not find my main directory
where I keep all my Xywrite document directories and
files (c:\docs). (Not \XY4 with its operating files.)

When I did a search for it I found it under a new
directory: c\csextras\docs. The only two other subdirectories there were \desktop and \icons. I have
no idea how they got there and where to move them.

Have you run scandisk since the problem? If it finds any
crosslinking and other errors, be careful about making any
changes until they're sorted out. That said,
I'd like to MKDIR c:\docs

- good idea
and RMDIR c:\csextras,
but don't know how to put \desktop and \icons back
wherever they belong.

The question is - have \desktop and \icons been copied or
moved? If the former, no worry, they can be deleted.

On my Win98 machine, there is a folder


but before copying c:\csextras\desktop to it, check what's
in it - it simply holds the links which appear on the
desktop as icons. (If these still appear as they did before
the problem, you could probaby delete c:\csextras\desktop,
but perhaps wait a while before doing so to see if there are
any problems.)

Again On my Win98 machine, there is no \icons folder in
\windows, so this may be something you or a program created.
 Have you tried doing a search for it (press f3 when at
the desktop)?

In short, if scandisk finds no errors, go ahead with the
mkdir & copy your stuff back to c:\docs but don't be in a
hurry to delete \csextras until you're sure everything's
working ok.
PS email me privately if you think I can help ..
Have you got a firewall and antivirus running?