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Re: New copy and paste function

** Reply to message from Paul Breeze  on Sat, 8 Nov
2003 15:36:21 GMT

> Everything is installed a per instructions in your last post,
> but I get the same behaviour.

Beats me. Something is "different" on your machine. Anybody else having
similar difficulty?

I'll send you (privately) a debug version of CLIP.VBS. Maybe, in the course of
developing that script, I'll have a brainstorm. We're talking Xy4-DOS v4.018
-- correct?

In the meantime, please try this. Open a DOS prompt in a Desktop window. Go
to Editor's directory (location of EDITOR and CLIP.VBS). Command:

 echo This is a test > CLIP.TXT

Then command:

 cscript //logo //D //X //I CLIP.VBS

Anything interesting happen? What happens if you then do Alt-spacebar + E + P
? Does "This is a test" get Pasted onto the command line?

Robert Holmgren