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Re: Error

** Reply to message from Patricia M Godfrey  on Sat, 15 Nov
2003 19:37:29 -0500

> let's help these folks

But it isn't XyWrite related! it's a 9x spooler thing. Their computer and
problem solving skills are obviously nil to nonexistent, so what do we do?
Hold their hand with something that is, actually, OffTopic -- and also not
interesting? The list of what we weren't told is long. I think my first
question would be, not even what printer is she using, or what specific error
msg, or what OpSys, or what other printers are installed, but: Can she print
from other programs?

Anyway, she should start in the Knowledge Base:

How to Troubleshoot Spool32 Error Messages

Err Msg: Spool32 Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module...

Error Message When Printing Multiple Fonts in the Fonts Folder

Err Msg: SPOOL32 Caused a General Protection Fault in Module...

Error Message: Spool32 Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module Lxacpprt.dll

Plus there are (really!) 8,510 hits for "error spool 32" in DejaNews, just the
last few years!

FWIW, which may not be much, my son's W98 machine had Spool 32 errors
onceuponatime, and solution #4 in the first-cited article above fixed it (as it
has for many people, I seem to recall).

Tell them, or her, or whatever they are, to join the list!

Thanks again, Bill.

Robert Holmgren