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In XyWrite for Windows can I set default colors for text and
background? It installed with black text on white background.
I'd prefer dark blue text (fg 0,0,110) on white background via
default. Similarly, when I tried to change the
foreground/background colors, all that changes are text and
background where I type. Blank lines (e.g. lines between
paragraphs) and space beyond EOL on text lines remain white.
Can't I set the entire background typing screen to a default
color other than white? E.g., a dark blue background, yellow

On that same note, when working in an XPL program, expanded
display, regardless what color I've manually set, it reverts to
black on white (in expanded display), and the lettering is kind'a
small. Is this how it's supposed to work? It's difficult to
read the XPL and I was wondering if I need to make some setting

Bascially the text in draft or page/line modes is too small.
This stuff is configurable, right?

Lastly, when I go to WYSIWYG mode, the bottom tail of text
disappears; i.e., letters like g, p, y, and so forth display only
the portion above the baseline. Consequently a 'y' looks like a
'v' and 'p' looks more like an 'o' etc. Obviously this isn't
normal but where would I look to make whatever adjustment is
necessary for this? Can't find reference, as yet, in the manual.