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Japanese translator

I recall that there are a couple of Japanese/English translators on this list (RRR comes to mind, perhaps there are others?). This message was posted on the EDLine mailing list (for Editors), and I thought you might be interested in the work. Regards to all, Shawn.


>>>    From: Roelien Theron, roelien@xxxxxxxx

[Cross-posted from LANGline]

I work for a small design and editing agency in Cape Town. One of
our clients publishes a series of coffee-table books and
condensed booklet versions aimed at the upper end of the
tourism/travel market. The books and booklets typically consist
of photographs and captions - one full-colour, spot-varnished
photograph per page (landscape orientation), accompanied by long
captions describing or dealing with an aspect or subject of the
photograph. One of the booklets (36 pp.) is on London, and we
have been asked to project manage its translation from English
into Japanese. I have managed to locate three Japanese-speaking
translators in South Africa and have asked them to supply sample
translations. However, I would like to find an experienced
Japanese-speaking translator to evaluate their work. If the
translations are not up to scratch, I'd be interested in finding
a good translator, preferably in London, as the client has a
distribution and sales team operating in the city. Are there any
Langliners out there who can recommend one or two excellent
Japanese translators, or who can suggest ways of finding someone?