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Re: laptop ideas (kinda long post, sorry)

The issue with Xy-compatibility is not the machine, it's the operating system. For best laptop operation, the consensus here has been: use Win98 Second Edition. However, you can run Xy on any Windows operating system, in a "DOS box." That includes XP, but in the NT-based systems (Win2000 and XP), the cursor control is a little jerky, apparently. But even there, it's fine if you are working in full-screen mode (i.e., not just a maximized window, but full-screen mode).
Wiping out Win to use DOS only, as you are considering, would (a) be
difficult and (b) needlessly deprive you of the opportunity to do important
things other than writing--such as playing solitaire. More seriously, why
give up the ability to surf the web and do email? Also, many modern
printers require Windows.
You can even run Xy on a Mac, if you get the PC-emulating software (Virtual
PC). I do that sometimes, and there is a little slowdown--which will not
bother you unless you run fairly complex XPL programs.
Right now I'm on vacation and am running Xy on a Dell Latitude with Win98
SE, and this has always worked perfectly. But my Dell is three years old
and is wearing out. As for laptops, Xy-guru Robert Holmgren has long
recommended the ThinkPad.

Harry Binswanger