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XyWWWeb got 1600 hits today...

...from all over the place (we keep very good logs). It was not an attack, but
due rather to this brief mention of XyWrite at Slashdot (in an article
otherwise praising Sun's 1976-vintage Unix text editor "vi"):
and these two followup comments:

Wordsmiths are hungry for alternatives, it would appear!

Here's what it says:

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XyWrite (Score:5, Informative)
by mr.henry (618818) * on Tuesday September 23, @02:33PM (#7035857)
(Last Journal: Wednesday August 27, @09:03PM)
Salon has a pretty good story on XyWrite
[http://archive.salon.com/21st/feature/1998/08/25feature.html], the old DOS
word processor which is apparently a favorite among a lot of writers. If you
want to play around with it, you can build a "XyLite"
[http://users.datarealm.com/xywwweb/xylite.shtml] system with a little work. Also
check out the XyWWWeb [serve.com], an excellent resource for XyWrite related
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Re:XyWrite (Score:2)
by red floyd (220712) on Tuesday September 23, @03:28PM (#7036503)
Pournelle used to write everything XyWrite... then WordPerfect, and now he's
stuck on Word.
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Re:XyWrite (Score:1)
by digital_franciscan (666729) on Tuesday September 23, @04:41PM (#7037343)
Aaahh, XyWrite. With all due respect to vi, XyWrite will go down in history as
the best pure writing instrument ever developed. Then IBM killed it (long
story). I still use it, though.

Robert Holmgren