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Re: SPELL frame

On Sat, Jan 21, 2012 at 8:16 PM, Carl Distefano mailto:cld@xxxxxxxx wrote:
I'm all for enhancements, as you know, but I'm hard-pressed to see
how FUNC SO can be improved upon. The ADDWD and DELWD routines that
I posted earlier today are about as close as I can come. If that is
not what you have in mind, can you be more specific about what you'd
like to do?

Yes. I'm going to back away from this as humbly as I can, having found that FUNC SO (or F7, as you said), then F5, doesn't do what it's designed to do on my setup, which is in Mac OS X in DOSBOX.

I.e., cursor on a word/FUNC SO ('SpellBox' appears)/F5; then check the SPL file and the word has not been added at the end.

More strange, doing ADDWD "someword" on the command line replaces ADDWD with the following code fragment there (and adds nothing to the SPL:

≪IF≪VA|03{>}>0≫≪IF(≪IS02≫+"music sign")"three horizontal stacked lines"≪IS03≫{>}"someword"
(Obviously I've had to write out symbols that I couldn't get into the email and use fake double guillemets--hope you get the idea.)

Highlighting a word in the text and issuing ADDWD dumps the same fragment in the text.

To sum up: forget my request to "expand" your excellent batch spell routine. If you can help me to figure out what's wrong with my F7/F5 business, kudos and thanks.