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Re: 12000 lines

Whoops! That first version of LN.PM -- a dynamic, editable line numbering
program -- was flawed. This one works like a charm. It also handles Styles.
(The problem with having to add or subtract 100 to the P-L value is vanished,
too.) STRIP.PRN or MAIL.PRN must be present in the same directory as EDITOR.
You can restore your original formats, and reload your original PRN file, at
any time, by using the /NV switch.

The program is attached. Here's what the Help file says. Check it out.

Dynamic [Editable] Line Numbering
LN.PM RJH 11/17/98
For XyWrite 4.0+|XyWrite for Windows

Enable editable, dynamic Line Numbering in any text
The native GO command can be used to jump to any line, e.g.
 "GO 3-25" jumps to line 325
  Examples and Aberrations:
 Page-Line 2-99 represents line 299
 Page-Line 2-100 represents line 300
 Page-Line 3-1  represents line 301
Headers, Footers, and Footnotes are included in line numbering
If Styles (the UseStyle command ) are found, it is
 assumed that no other method of vertical formatting is
 used in the document.
PRiNter file STRIP.PRN and/or MAIL.PRN must be present in
 directory  [the EDITOR directory]

 LN   Insert formats that enable Line Numbering
 LN /NV Restore original formats

LN.PM may also be RUN from the command line.

Robert Holmgren

Attachment: ln.pm
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