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Re: XyWWWeb.U2 wants Install Registry

I'm beginning to eat my words. I have even gotten the BSOD. But I'm
plugging away.
The big problem now is how the hell to map the drives (they were mapped,
now they are unmapped). I'm trying net use, but so far no luck.
Reply to note from Harry Binswanger  Wed, 02 Jan
2013 15:53:39 -0500

> "Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]"

Same as my real-not-virtual Win XP SP3 with automatic updates, so no
mod to frame GetXyOS is needed. Thanks for the info., Harry.

> I hope I don't have to eat these words.

Let's hope not -- though what could go wrong not that you've got
this far? I take it that XPL compatibility is as good as in real XP?

Carl Distefano